Drawing "Unceded Ancestral Remains" by Hunter Madsen

"Unceded Ancestral Remains"


"History is always written by the victor, and the histories of the losing parties belong to the shrinking circle of those who were there."   
- Joachim Peiper, war criminal of the 1944 Malmedy Massacre

This image is dedicated to the memory of 215 long forgotten indigenous children, whose remains, still unidentified, were found on the grounds of a decommissioned "Indian school" run by the Catholic Church since the 19th Century in Kelowna, Canada.  The image itself is an overlooked and soon forgotten gesture of remembering, the dead burying the dead yet one more time, done to no particular effect on any part of the ever-unfolding universe, except, perhaps, on you. Long live you.


TITLE - "Unceded Ancestral Remains"
WHERE - Port Moody, British Columbia (2021)