Use Me by Hunter Madsen

Use Me


I've traveled the world and the seven seas,
Everyone is looking for something.
                      -  Eurythmics 

Passing by the grounds of a traveling carnival, I was startled to see a giant, glitzy ride sign, which, upon first glance, promised simply "Abduction" - not an experience that one would wish to see anywhere near one's kids. A split second later, of course I noticed the smaller, quieter sign saying "Alien," which was displayed less prominently above "Abduction." Finding its core promise irresistible - the scary thrill of losing control and of being controlled, if not misused, not to mention of spinning around really fast - kids were pouring into the ride, while their approving parents stood by. 

TITLE - "Use Me"
WHERE - Traveling carnival, Coquitlam, B.C. (2017)