We Talk and Do Tricks by Hunter Madsen

We Talk and Do Tricks

This affable eccentric is Terry Rusheen, the self-billed "Bird Whisperer," who I met outside his van, which was parked at roadside near the location where one of his giant macaw parrots, a scarlet one, had been startled and gone missing weeks before. He hoped to find it again in the vicinity. Claiming him to be a "Trainer/Entertainer of 40 Years," Terry's business card promised "guaranteed bird training" and "bird shows with tricks." Our encounter made plain that the creature most eager to perform tricks for an audience was not the bird, but the man. As this gallery (and pretty much my entire life) demonstrates a little too baldly, Terry and I are of a type.

"Comedy is an escape, not from truth but from despair." - Stephen Fry
TITLE - "We Talk and Do Tricks"
WHERE - La Mesa, California (2016)