Drawing "Welcome to Maya" by Hunter Madsen

"Welcome to Maya"


Some think that not only is God uncanny and beclouded, the nature of reality itself is obscure.  The Upanishads - ancient Hindu texts - describe the universe, and human experience, as an interplay between Purusha (the eternal, unchanging principles, consciousness) and Prakṛti (the ever-molting, ephemeral material world, Nature).  The former manifests itself as Ātman (the self or soul), and the latter as Māyā, the mysterious outward manifestation of deeper realities unseen.
Every religion tells us that things are not necessarily as they may appear on life's surface, that we must pull back the unfolding veil on life's events, to grasp the flow, the dynamic forces - indeed the struggle - just beneath. 

TITLE - "Welcome to Maya"
WHERE - Construction site, Kathmandu, Nepal (2019)