"Welcome to Maya" by Hunter Madsen

"Welcome to Maya"


"The Upanishads [ancient Hindu sacred texts] describe the universe, and the human experience, as an interplay of Purusha (the eternal, unchanging principles, consciousness) and Prakṛti (the temporary, changing material world, nature).  The former manifests itself as Ātman (Soul, Self), and the latter as Māyā. 
...Hendrick Vroom explains, 'The term Maya has been translated as 'illusion,' but then it does not concern normal illusion. Here 'illusion' does not mean that the world is not real and simply a figment of the human imagination. Maya means that the world is not as it seems; the world that one experiences is misleading as far as its true nature is concerned.'"

         - From Wikipedia entry on 'Maya'


TITLE - "Welcome to Maya"
WHERE - Construction site, Kathmandu, Nepal (2019)