Who Knows What God Wants? by Hunter Madsen

Who Knows What God Wants?

The sacred texts of mankind's greatest spiritual traditions all disagree with one another, at a fundamental level, about who speaks for God and what exactly He wants from us. Notably, the Almighty has elected to provide no clear guidance as to which of these competing religions is the "true" gospel from His/Her/Its/Their viewpoint. 

If our Lord is rational, fair and loving - if, in other words, He's not a cosmic jerk - then it would be hard to imagine Him punishing billions of souls for happening to have picked one of the dis-preferred creeds by accident of birth, epoch, and locale.  So one can only conclude that, whatever else He may truly care about, He must not be all that fussed about our adherence to the countless crabbed little rules and tertiary edicts with which our religious texts bristle, and over which we've all been down here, excitedly burning one another at the stake, for centuries on end. 

Setting human-contrived scriptures aside, then, it becomes apparent that nobody knows for sure what the Big Guy wants. To believe otherwise surely is delusion. To speak otherwise is falsehood, perhaps a sin.  To act otherwise has been the root of unimaginable suffering in the world. 

It could be that our impassive god, by remaining vapourish and off-stage, is elbowing us with a hint here, urging that we proceed with extreme humility and caution when daring to represent His will in any particulars beyond His general admonition to treat the world and one another kindly. That's probably it: through His eternal, deafening silence, our long-suffering sky god is telling the rest of us to please keep our kooky religious opinions about the Almighty to ourselves, for a change.  At long last, a sign.


TITLE - "Who Knows What God Wants?"
WHERE - San Diego, California (2016)