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uneasy landscapes




In my galleries exploring beauty from disorder and beauty from darkness, the internal tension of emotional disalignment between the viewer's pull toward the aesthetically seductive presentation, on the one hand, and an urge to pull away from the otherwise repellant content, on the other, is what flavors these beauty experiences.


Seeking to introduce a related background tension into the beauty of some of my landscape images, I have also experimented with moving past the conventionally picturesque toward what I call "uneasy" landscapes.


These are handsome places that would ordinarily manifest the genre's usual appeals, drawing the viewer in as a traditional, anodyne landscape painting would seek to do; except that, in the case here, our attraction is damped.  However lovely these outdoor pictures may be to look at, they also convey an offputting sense of coldness, of brokenness, or of disorienting personal limbo. For these reasons, they are alienated images that the viewer will probably hesitate, by some instinct of self-protection, to project himself into. These may be gorgeous places to visit, perhaps, but you'd never want to live there.  Unless, I suppose, one had a mind of winter.