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uneasy landscapes


Nowhere to Go     (2015)


In my galleries exploring beauty from disorder and beauty from darkness, the disalignment between the pull viewers may feel toward an image's seductive aesthetics, on the one hand, and a countervailing recoil from the image's otherwise off-putting content, on the other, is what flavors these beauty experiences.


Presentiment    (2015)


You Must Believe in Spring     (2014)

Seeking to introduce a related background tension into the beauty of some of my landscape images, I have also experimented with moving past the conventionally picturesque toward what I call "uneasy" landscapes.


Signs and Warnings     (2015)

Many of these are otherwise handsome compositions that would ordinarily manifest the genre's usual appeals, drawing the viewer in as a traditional, anodyne landscape painting would do.  Except that here, our attraction is damped.  However compelling these outdoor scenes may be to look at, they also convey an offputting sense of coldness, of brokenness, or of disorienting personal limbo.


These are landscapes that the viewer will probably hesitate to project himself into.  These may be interesting places to visit, but never to call home. 

In the Middle of the Journey of Our Life I Came to Myself     (2015)


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