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It's The End of the World as We Know It. You Feel Fine.  (2022)


Welcome, and thank you for coming by to take a look.


In these commercialized, Instagram'd times, our ways of seeing beauty have become played out: a lovely, endless rose parade of conventional tropes.


The mission of my work is to revitalize a sense of the unexpected in beauty.  Here we encounter it in less familiar contexts, and look beyond the usual notions of prettiness to connect beauty more directly and deeply with ideas that matter to us, ideas that go to the heart of life and death and human folly.


You'll find a lot on view. 

A dozen photo-essays. 

40 galleries.  Maybe 1000 images.

Many styles and experiments.

Some sad and shocking things.


The art here involves looking at pictures, of course, but not just that.  The titles and texts prod you to consider alternate meanings, and may change how you feel about what you're seeing. 


I designed this place with your visit in mind, so it's all been organized and labeled carefully.  Every gallery grouping opens with its own intro, the ..why.    


Explore as much as you like.  To start, you might want to check out four links that give you a sense of what's going on here.  


1 | this art, this artist


2 | the problem of beauty


3 | beauty from metaphor


4 | alienated beauty



From there, head anywhere.


Again thank you.  

It's wonderful that you've come by.  


To Reveal Art and Conceal the Artist Is Art's Aim  (2022)




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